Tunas Muda Kreatif

The "Tunas Muda Kreatif" program aims to provide training and education on innovation to junior and senior high school students. It encourages them to develop critical thinking skills and learn how to generate and implement creative ideas. The program utilizes tools such as Six Thinking Hats, SCAMPER, and others to foster creativity and problem-solving abilities among the participants.

About the project

Starting point

The program targets junior and senior high school students (SMP and SMA levels). These young participants are at a crucial stage in their education where fostering innovation and critical thinking can significantly impact their future development and career paths.

Support from local communities

The starting point of the program involves engaging students through interactive workshops and training sessions. These sessions introduce them to various innovation methodologies and tools, aiming to ignite their interest in creativity and problem-solving from an early stage.

End result

The end result of the "Tunas Muda Kreatif" program is to equip participating students with enhanced critical thinking skills and practical knowledge in innovation. By the end of the program, students are expected to demonstrate improved abilities to analyze problems, generate innovative solutions, and implement their ideas effectively. The program ultimately aims to cultivate a new generation of young innovators who are capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

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"We rise by lifting others."

– Robert Ingersoll