Inovator Mengabdi

"Inovator Mengabdi" is a program under Grassroots Innovation aimed at training Indonesian youth, referred to as "Inovator Penggerak" (Innovation Activators). The program involves sending these young innovators to 3T regions (underdeveloped, remote, and outermost areas) in Indonesia, where they will live in a village for two weeks. During their stay, they will empower the local community and develop an innovation project that results in appropriate technology solutions. The goal is to train youth to conduct research based on community needs, ensuring that the solutions they design are practical and aligned with actual needs rather than mere idealism.

About the project

Target group

The primary target group for the "Inovator Mengabdi" program is engineering students from universities across Indonesia. The program prioritizes these students due to their technical background, which is essential for developing and implementing effective technology-based solutions in the communities they serve.

Starting point

The program begins by selecting motivated engineering students from various universities. These selected participants, now called Inovator Penggerak, will undergo preparatory training to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for their mission. They are then sent to designated 3T regions, where they will live in and work closely with the local communities for two weeks.

End result

At the end of the two-week live-in period, the Inovator Penggerak are expected to have empowered the village and developed a project that results in appropriate technology tailored to the community's needs. This outcome not only benefits the local community by addressing their specific challenges but also provides valuable hands-on experience for the participants in conducting need-based research and creating practical solutions. The ultimate aim is to foster a generation of young innovators who are adept at understanding and meeting the real-world needs of communities, thereby contributing to sustainable development in Indonesia.

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