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Step into a world of innovation that knows no boundaries. We're here to make technology accessible to everyone and foster groundbreaking solutions from the grassroots. Explore with us!

Our initiatives

macbook pro displaying group of people
macbook pro displaying group of people
Bicara Inovasi
Grassroots Labs

Support Bicara Inovasi, empowering everyone to innovate through educational webinars and podcasts. Join us in demystifying innovation and inspiring creativity!

Support Grassroots Labs: empowering communities to innovate and solve local challenges independently. Donate to foster sustainable solutions at the grassroots level!

person holding black and white audio mixer
person holding black and white audio mixer
Inovator Mengabdi

Support Inovator Mengabdi: empowering Indonesian youth to innovate in remote areas. Help us train young leaders to develop practical technology solutions for local communities!

Tunas Muda Kreatif

Support Tunas Muda Kreatif: empowering junior and senior high school students with innovation training. Help nurture young minds in critical thinking and creativity!

LIVE: Local Innovation for Local Environment

Support GRIN LIVE, fostering innovation for all in rural Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Donate to empower local communities with impactful tech solutions!

Our partners 

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