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Karl Mehta & Grassroots Innovation Attend the COMMIT Foundation Event in Support of Our Returning Female Veterans

Karl Mehta, seasoned serial entrepreneur and founder of Grassroots Innovation Network (GrIN), an organization created to support entrepreneurship amongst underserved population in the US, had the unique opportunity to discuss what some of our female veterans returning from deployment are facing when rejoining the workforce.

Karl shared his own humbling journey when arriving in the US with $300 in his back pocket, a dream, and the hopes to make it come true. He dined and spoke with the twelve female transitioning veterans participants in the program offered by COMMIT, a foundation GrIN is proud to sponsor and support as they help veterans acquire the necessary skills to re-enter the workforce or launch their own enterprises.

Karl noted “the equivalent of 30 days in America” is all he arrived with, and now that he has been fortunate enough to have made his dream come true, he stresses the importance of giving back and explains the notion of Karma.


“Awesome and inspirational words from one of our workshop sponsors Karl Mehta tonight! Karl educated us on the 5000 year old proven method of finding a guru - one who teaches and imparts knowledge. Karl's story is amazing and he left us with some fantastic advice, 'Be someone that others want as a mentor'.” 

COMMIT’s Executive Team.

"We are delighted to be part of this innovative effort to train women veterans entering entrepreneurship. GrIN has great experience in providing entrepreneurship education and mentor- ship by entrepreneurs and we will continue to look at ways to support more women veterans".
Karl Mehta, Founder Grassroots Innovation Network.

From left to right – Anne Meree Craig, COMMIT Executive Director & Co-Founder; Karl Mehta, GrIN Founder, Guy Filippelli, COMMIT Co-Founder